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Ecology Units


RydAiR “B Series” Electrostatic Air Cleaners help businesses keep pollutants they generate in check. This is one way to help reduce environmental pollution as well as to avoid “Dirty Air” issues with neighbours. This is especially true in densely populated cities where buildings are in close proximity of each other.
RydAiR Electrostatic Air Cleaners are also suitable for use in factories as they capture both dry and wet particulates, including dust, oil mist, cooking fumes, welding smoke and many other pollutants. RydAiR electrostatic air cleaners provide an effective, low maintenance air cleaning solution for many situations. They can be easily configured and incorporated into various types of exhaust systems of factories, restaurants workshops etc.



RydA1R units uses washable filters and has low static pressure loss.When used in Air Handling Units (AHU), rts low static pressure and efficiency results in significant energy savings to qualify for GREEN 8UILDING status.RydAiR’s 8 series has high efficiency and meets MERV 15 requirements.

Ecology Unit Catalogs

Ecology UnitEcology Unit

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