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Individual Series

High Efficiency

Dual DC inverter compressor for each model.

Large heat exchanger with high performance. Ensuring the compressi0n ratio always in safety zone.

High precision and stepless regulation of the output capacity.

Long Piping Length

 Max. Total piping length -1000m.

Max. Actual piping length – 190m.

Max. piping length from 1sth indoor branch to the farthest indoor unit -40m/90m.

Max. level difference between outdoor units -5m.

Max. level difference between indoor units -30m.

Max. Level difference between ODU and IDU units -90m.

W1ide Operation Range

No matter the ambient temperature is as high as 52 C in hot summer or -20 C in cold winter, the system can operate  perfectly and supply  comfortable environment  for users.

Easy Installation

Easy installation and less material consumption (compare with combination unit).

1. Power & grounding wire

2. Communication wire

3. Main gas pipe

4. Main liquid pipe

5. Power & grounding wire

6. Communication wire

7. Oil balance pipe

Compactstructure and less occupied space.

Easy Maintenance

Auto refrigerant recycling (Optional function). easy operation, refrigerant-saving and environment-friendly.

Description of Models Name

Individual Series Catalogs

VRF IndividualVRF Individual Series

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